There are several islands nearby Victoria which are worth a look. There are at least two boat charter companies on Mahé, which will sail to various locals. For instance, La Digue is a great island with a very quaint, relaxed charm. There are much less tourists and commercialism in La Digue and its pristine beaches are hard to leave. The best way to travel up and down this island is on a bike for a day. The bikes can be rented close to the harbor where visitors dock.

Another jewel of an island is Praslin, whose is world-renown for its breathtaking beaches. They even have romantic names to accompany their beauty, such as Anse Lazio and Anse Georgette.

Another popular day trip destination is the island of Reunion. Though it is less popular as a tourist destination than Mauritius or Seychelles, Réunion has its charm, as a french expat haven.   Its culture is a mix of Mauritius and Seychelles’ culture and is appealing in its laissez-faire feel. Réunion society began in the 17th century by a mix of Frenchmen and Malagasy. Since then, the heritage reflects this cultural convergence . Visitors will find the trip to Reunion is longer than the trips to La Digue or Praslin, but each island holds its own magic and peculiarity, all worthy of a boat ride to visit and revel.