Alexandria is a city of distinct seasons.

Summers tend to be hot and humid.  High temperatures reach 90 degrees Fahrenheit and cool off to around 70 at night.  Humidity can rise over 90%, making it feel quite a bit hotter.  The summer months are the rainiest, averaging a little over three inches per month.

During the winter, highs during the day reach 45 degrees, while at night temperatures drop to just below freezing.  The city tends to get a couple inches of snowfall each month during the winter, with a February record snowfall of 20 inches. 

Spring weather is nice, with high temperatures near 65 degrees and little rain.  This is also the season to come to see the cherry blossoms in D.C. 

The fall season is nice as well, with highs around 75 degrees, and lots of fall foliage to see in town and in the nearby parks.