Start From 9:00 If your hotel is located near subway line 1 or 3

9:30-10:00 Jade Buddha Temple
Take subway line 7 to Changshou Road.  See: for map.  Leave station walking northeasterly on Changshuo. Walk three blocks this direction, turn right and walk to blocks, turn right again and temple is in front of you on right.

Subway fare 4RMB/person, or taxi fare approximately 14RMB.
It's one of the most famous Buddhist temples downtown.
Admission fee: 10RMB/person for outer temple.
               10RMB/person for inner temple.
English name: Jade Buddha Temple : Chinese name: yu fo si: Chinese character: 玉佛寺
10:00-11:30 City God Temple ( Yu Garden is located in Chebng Huang Temple)
Take taxi (approx 20 RMB) from Jade Buddha Temple
Yuan Garden is located in the southern part of Shanghai."Yu Yuan" means "the garden was built to please one´s parents". The construction was started in 1559 and completed 28 years later.
Admission fee:Outside area free
               Entrance fee to temple10 RMB/person
               Entrance to Yu Garden 30RMB/person
English name:City God Temple
Chinese name: cheng huang miao
Chinese character: 城隍庙 
English name:Yu Garden
Chinese name: yu yuan
Chinese character: 豫圆 

11:30-12:30 Chinese Lunch
Around this area there is choice of Chinese snacks or restaurants.

12:30-14:00 Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center
Take taxi , approximately 17RMB
The centre shows the future of this biggest Chinese city.
Admission fee: 30RMB/person
English name:Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center
Chinese name : shanghai cheng shi gui hua guan. Chinese character: 上海城市规划馆

14:00-16:00 Shanghai Oriental Pearl TV Tower
Take subway line 2 to Lu Jia Ziu Stop.
Subway fare:3RMB/person.
The Tower consists of 5 parts:
The Space Module at 350 meters
The sightseeing floor at 263 meters
The sightseeing floor at 259 meters
The sightseeing floor at 90 meters
The Shanghai History Museum
Admission fee:70RMB/person for 263 and 259 meters sightseeing floors
              85RMB/person (recommended) for 263 & 259 meters sightseeing floors and Shanghai History Museum
              135RMB/person for all
              35RMB/person for Shanghai History Museum

 English name: Shanghai Oriental Pearl TV Tower
Chinese name: dong fang ming zhu dian shi ta
Chinese character: 东方明珠电视塔

16:00-18:30 NanJing Road and The Bund
Take subway line 2 to West Nan Jing Road Stop.
Subway fare 3 RMB/person
NanJing Road is the famous pedestrian shopping street in Shanghai, running from the Bund to People's Square.
The Bund, a must for all visitors to Shanghai, is regarded as a symbol of Shanghai, and a favorite place for tourists to have their picture taken with modern Shanghai as the backdrop.          

English name: nan jing Road: Chinese name: nan jing lu: Chinese character: 南京路  

English name: the Bund     Chinese name: wai tan:  Chinese character: 外滩