Summer can be harshly hot and dry in Jaipur, hence light clothes made of cotton or linen is highly recommeded. A sun hat and an umbrella are advisable. You must carry a high factor sun block and sunscreen lotion. A good pair of sunglasses are a must. At daytime in summers it is recommended that one sticks to long pants/ trousers or skirts than shorts. the sun is very harsh and even 15 minues in the open can cause serious sun damage.

Please make sure you carry your medicines. The food is spicy for the non- asian pallette and may cause stomach infections or acidity. Please carry antacids and  digestive pills. Also energy tablets or drinks could be of a huge use because the sun completely dehydrates your body so while sightseeing you may need these. If you suffer from asthma or sinus please carry your medicines, sometimes there are dust storms and it may cause issues for people suffering from these conditions.

A pair of great walking shoes are a must. Be it shopping or sightseeing, you have to walk a lot to explore his city. Some parts of the old city are explorable on by foot so a comfortable pair of walking shoes are a must.



Winters are very pleasant. The temparature varies from 15 degree celsius to 5 degree celcius. Bring warm clothes, any medical supplies you might need, sunglasses as the sun can be strong even in winter, and a good pair of walking shoes.