Jaipur is pretty safe for women travellers. It is true, sometimes nasty things can happen but it can happen in any country/ city. You just have to be careful. Try not to do stuff alone at night and just be sensible. Sometimes it can be about attitude and how one carries herself.

India and Jaipur is generally safe for lone women. That being said, groping of females does sometimes occur; even if you dress conservatively. It very rarely goes beyond that. Any indecent behaviour with women is considered very bad in Indian society, so everyone will support you if you raise a fit. The best way to deal with it, If and when it happens, is to shout "who did that?" this will result in every other woman (and several men) around you looking for, and admonishing, the culprit. Usually they will not even hesitate in hitting such a person.

You will find that if you are friendly, but not over friendly, dress up conservatively and do not interact too much with strangers; you will not face any issues. Sometimes one might have to face some teasing but that is not serious. Just be careful, do not go alone in nights and always be on your guard. 

Please be careful in moving alone and do not get too friendly with the taxi drivers/hotel/waiters/guides. Do keep a distance from strangers. Going alone in night is a big no no. Make sure that there is some reliable male company in case you have to move out at night