Here is a link to weather info:

Jaipur Weather - 5 Day Forecast

Dec-Jan-Feb: This is when Jaipur has Winters and the temperature varies between 2 Degrees Celsius to 25 Degrees.

Mar-Apr-May-June: That’s Jaipur Summers and it can get cruel. The temperature varies from 27 Degrees to 47 Degrees.

July-Aug-Sept: Summers & little bit of Rain. Since Rajasthan is the desert state & Jaipur the capital, the city doesn’t get that much of rain. Medium rainfall is observed in this period. Temperatures varies from 27 Degrees to 38 Degrees.

Oct-Nov: This is actually one of the best time of the year. Its neither that hot nor that cold. Temperatures vary from 20 Degrees to 30 Degrees.

Besides the weather, there are of course also other variables to consider. Like the top tourist season – which you of course some people want to avoid if possible. The peak time to visit is October to Mid April.

Its all a matter of individual preference and liking, you can choose the months that suit you the most.