Costa Rica is world-famous for its surf, sand and sun. Outdoor enthusiasts will want to participate in all of Nicoya’s water sports, but there are also some drier ways to scratch that exercise itch. Bring a bathing suit, surf and snorkel gear, walking shoes and sunscreen and you are on your way to one active, enjoyable vacation.
  • Surfing: Nicoya’s Nosara Beach is perfect for surfing, because the water is warm and coral reefs cause the waves to break close to the shore. Experienced surfers should have no problem, and the less experienced can sign up for a surf school. The beach is never completely empty during summer but Nosara is remarkably uncrowded for the quality of surf it offers. Swimmers can relax knowing they're not getting in the way of the surfers - there is plenty of room for everyone here.
  • Snorkeling: The beaches of the Nicoya Penninsula, especially Playa Samara at the penninsula’s tip, offer the perfect opportunity for snorkeling. Clear, warm water makes for excellent visibility, and since fishing companies mostly have “catch and release” policies, there are plenty of fish even in the non-protected areas.
  • Hiking: Nicoya is home to several national parks ideal for hiking and exploring nature. In fact, the region of Guanacaste gets its name from the guanacaste tree, many examples of which can be found in the Curu National Wildlife Reserve. For a look at ancient limestone caves, you can journey through the Barra Honda National Park.