Nicoya may be your base, but the entire nation of Costa Rica is also yours to explore. The northern region of Guanacaste is especially rich in culture and has many scenic beaches and forests. Here are the places to see in Guanacaste, all within a few miles of Nicoya:

Arenal Volcano
: This volcano erupts regularly, and is ranked among the top 10 most active volcanic mountains in the world. Adventurous hikers may want to climb some of the trails near Arenal; in addition to views of the peak in action, you can see waterfalls, hot springs and rock formations. The faint of heart can stay in the village of La Fortuna, at Arenal’s base. You won’t have to sacrifice luxury to get close to this natural wonder – La Fortuna caters to foreign travelers and is a popular destination for people all over the world.

Liberia : This is the capital of Guanacaste, and houses the region’s international airport and some of the best beaches in northern Costa Rica. Tourists are only now beginning to discover Liberia, so it isn’t a large or full of amenities as San Jose or Tamarindo but it is a quieter, more scenic alternative. You can go to the beaches or see toucans and other wildlife in one of Liberia’s national parks.

Nosara Beach : In addition to being a people paradise, this black sand beach is where sea turtles lay their eggs. It’s right next to a tropical forest and the Nosara village, all of which make this the perfect place to spend a few hours of your day.