The Money in Montezuma! 


As of June, 2009, there is (finally!) an ATM machine in downtown Montezuma.  The best thing to do is to notify your bank that you will be making transactions in Costa Rica so that they do not block your card for unusual transactions (happens all the time). The ATM machine is occasionally empty, so if you need money, don't wait until later, get money then; because once it's empty it may take a few days for it to be refilled.


If for some reason, you require the services of a bank (traveler's cheques, large withdrawels, etc), you'll have to travel a bit outside of town. The nearest bank is located in Cobano, 7 km from Montezuma. The Banco Nacional is open from Monday to Friday from 8.45 am to 3.45 pm. Please remember to bring your passport with you.  All transactions with the teller will require a passport (money exchange, travelers cheques, wiring money, etc.). Most of the tellers only speak Spanish, the desk to the left of the tellers has a separate line but has some who knows more English.  Be sure to take a number as you enter the bank, or you'll lose your turn.  Near the front entrance, you will find two ATM machines (open 6am to 10 pm).


There is also a Western Union in Cobano, located in Farmacia Amiga, across from the Mega Super grocery store.


All the shops in Montezuma accept American dollars, and off course colones (the Costa Rican currency), if you do not want the go to the bank you can exchange your currency at Zuma Tours or Cocozuma Tours, which are located right next to the Montezuma Supermarket. Note: They charge a small fee for the transaction and may only do so based on the amount of cash they have on hand (best in afternoons).