Transportation to Montezuma:

If you are coming from the International airport ( San Jose ). Liberia International Aiport ( Guanacaste ) or Tambor local airport you have many options to come all the way to Montezuma:

- Land Transportation:

 Minivan private or regular daily shuttle are some good options


San Jose airport to Montezuma 

 The program is San Jose to Puntarenas, then in Puntarenas take the ferry to Paquera, the ferry takes around 1.5 hours crossing the Nicoya Golf all the way to Paquera, there you will travel by land again, passing thru Tambor, Cobano and finally Montezuma. A total journey of 4-5 hours.


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Liberia Aiport to Montezuma 

 If you arrive from Liberia Airport and you need to come to Montezuma it takes around of 4.5 hours from Liberia to Montezuma most of the road is pave but there is probably 15 km with gravel road from Playa Naranjo to Paquera, probably not the best road but at least you could appreciate the beauty of the dry forest like the nationat treeof Costa Rica, rivers, and probably some animals like monkeys on the road.

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Tambor Airport to Montezuma

 In case that you decide to take a plane from San jose to Tambor its the fastes way it takes around 25 min flight then from tambor airport to montezuma it takes around 35 min by pave road until cobano right after is grave until montezuma.

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- By Land and Ocean: the quickest beside flying.

Other way of traveling, if you like a little bit of adventure or you want to get to Montezuma very fast, is traveling from San Jose to Herradura Beach north Jaco, and then take the Taxi Boat or like some people call it: the “speed boat” from Jaco (Herradura beach) to Montezuma.

From San Jose all the way to Herradura beach is only 1.5 hours and the speed boat is only 50 minutes all the way to Montezuma. A total journey of 3 hours because it could be a bit losing time moving the luggage, with the sea coditions or the traffic.

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- By Air:

Both Sansa and Nature Air have daily flights to Tambor airport, which is located 30 minutes driving from Montezuma.  Sansa flies from SJO International airport.  Nature Air flies from another airport in Pavas, 30 minutes away from SJO. The cab fare from Tambor airport to Montezuma proper is approximately $60USD

Both websites have compatibility problems with Firefox, Safari and Chrome.  Internet Explorer works the best for making reservations.

- By Direct Bus:

There is daily, direct service between San Jose and Montezuma through Transporte Rodriguez (506) 2642-0740; (506) 2642-0219).  The trip takes approximately 5.5 hours, including a 1.5 hour ferry ride from Puntarenas to Paquera. 

You must first take a bus ($1) or official (red or orange) taxi ($22) from the airport to the “Coca Cola” bus station.  From there, you need to take the bus headed for Cobano, Mal Pais, Santa Teresa and Montezuma. 

Edited April/2014: Bus no longer leaves from Coca Cola. Now leaves from  Atlántico Norte (also called San Carlos) in San Jose. There is also the possibility to leave from an informal bus stop in Alajuela.  For more information see   .

You will be making a stop in Puntarenas at the ferry landing and all passengers will get off the bus as it must drive onto the ferry without passengers. Look for the line of passengers on the left to enter the ferry on foot. (NOTE: You will not have access to the bus during the crossing and will need to take your luggage with you unless arrangements are agreed to with the driver in spanish.)  After enjoying the views of the Gulf of Nicoya from the upper deck, you will exit on foot through the terminal area and find your bus as it comes off the ferry will meet you on the other side to bring you to Montezuma. Stay on your toes because you will have to change buses in Cobano to another bus to Montezuma for the last 30 minutes of the journey. Ask the driver or assistant to point you to the final bus on to Montezuma. There is no extra charge for the final bus.

The Transportes Rodriguez bus /ferry/ bus/ bus cost is approximately $14 combined.  Buses depart at 6:00 AM and 2:30 PM. To insure that the schedule is correct make sure to call ahead for any schedule changes,  or ask someone at your accomodation to call for you..  Reservations are not available, so arrive early for tickets or pay the bus driver.


- By Public Transportation:

This is the least expensive way to travel, but for some it will be uncomfortable, hot, and troublesome but can be very inexpensive. Take any bus to Puntarenas, then take a taxi to the ferry deck, buy your tickets to the Paquera ferry, as soon as you get to Paquera the public bus will be waiting for you and will bring you all the way to Montezuma. The last ferry that matches the public bus is at 2.30 pm from Puntarenas, if you take the following ferry, 4.30 pm, you will have to pay a taxi all the way from Paquera to Montezuma. A total journey of 8-10 hours.

Make sure you arrange your transportation to Montezuma in advance, this will help you save time and money and enjoy the most out of your adventure in Costa Rica.


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