Getting around Montezuma is simple: walk.

The town is small enough that you can generally get from point A to point B easily and without a long hike. If you ask a local where something is located, it might sound far off, but you’ll likely be surprised how near it really is to your starting point.

When you do walk around Montezuma, be careful of cars and where you are in relation to them. Lack of crosswalks and sometimes traffic signals can make it a tricky proposition, but not impossible. Walking gives you an opportunity to enjoy the beautiful ocean, or mountainsides, or amazing greenery while you head for your destination.

Now, if you choose to drive in Montezuma, hold onto your hat. The roads here are rough, full of potholes and getting from point A to point B could take a good amount of time. In some cases, walking might actually be faster, but driving, depending on your destination, time frame and energy level, might suit you as well.