The town of El Calafate is extremely safe, and probably one of the safest places to visit in South America. Argentina as a whole is a generally for American tourists, but in the larger cities there are numerous incidents of street crime. These include petty thefts and muggings. El Calafate being a very small town is typically free of these big city problems.

Argentina does have some problem with extremist groups, but they are not commonly known to operate in the Santa Cruz province. Still visitors should be alert given the politic climate and occasional anti-America feelings by some radical groups, who may target tourist attractions.

As a general rule keep an eye on your possessions, avoid empty streets especially at night and be sure not to flash large amounts of cash. The locals in El Calafate are very friendly and you shouldn’t have much of a problem, if any at all.

When heading out to Los Glaciares National Park ask for directions from guides and let your hotel know you’re traveling out. It is a big place and it is best to have someone know to expect you back. At night be cautious if you’re driving on unfamiliar roads, and if possible use a taxi or other car for hire if you’re concerned about the roads.