The town of El Calafate is near the Los Glaciares National Park, which include the famous Perito Moreno Glacier. The remoteness of the area makes it most accessible by air. The El Calafate International Airport is located about 20 minutes from the town. The airport is small but reasonably well kept, with several flights a day from various destinations in Argentina, including Buenos Aires, and throughout South America.

Rental cars, shuttle buses and taxicabs are available at the airport in the baggage claim area. If you’re arriving later in the day you may have to wait for a bus, or a cab. The airport is small and at off hours things can be light.

The connecting flights from Buenos Aires generally are without major delays, but the weather in the Santa Cruz region can testy at times and this leads to delays flying in to El Calafate.

You can also get to El Calafate by road either via a rental car or by the regular bus service Rio Gallegos, which is about a four-hour trip; or from Puerto Natales in Chile, which is about a five-hour drive. The roads are reasonably maintained, and if you’re renting a car you will need a valid drivers’ license and be at least 21 years old.

Visitors do not need visas to travel to El Calfate, Argentina; a standard US Passport is all that is required for US citizens.