The secret community of downtown El Segundo is a friendly "Hometown America" located right smack in the middle of Los Angeles County.  It’s well hidden between the airport, beach, and an industrial area. It’s no surprise that most people think of El Segundo as Boeing, Ratheon, and the busy Sepulveda Boulevard, but it's much more. If you manage to sneak through the industrial outskirts, you’ll be quite pleasantly surprised to find this well concealed neighborhood of only 16,000 residents. Everyone seems to know everyone, and the mood is friendly and fun.

As you drive down Main Street (yes, it’s actually named Main Street, and it is the main street through town) you'll expect to see Opie walking past, whistling, while carrying his fishing rod (ok surfboard here).
Time hasn’t stood still in our little Mayberry, but it has ticked by slower than most places. My mother-in-law just visited from Ohio and she said that El Segundo looks like the town she grew up in... 50 years ago. Still clean, and full of trees and flowers, so safe that the police get bored (don’t speed here, it’ll give 'em something to do), if you stay nearby and don’t take the time to stop by and visit, you are definitely missing something special.

Beautiful parks with benches welcome the visitor, and invite you to stay and rest in this safe and cozy environment. Our town is full of old oak trees, interspersed with palm trees. Resident's favorite activities include socializing, baseball, and surfing. You can discuss politics with the mayor over a drink at the local pub, or feast on fabulous culinary creations from our own fine dining establishments.

This beautiful town is a movie makers dream set. The high school is so architecturally unique in California, that a constant stream of movie production companies film in its halls. Richmond Street is home to many movies as well, including Boston Public. We do have our own residential celebrities even Rosanne Barr’s production company is located on Main Street. As residents, we’re always annoyed with the street closures due to another film in progress. It's funny how everyone outside of L.A. gets excited to see a movie being filmed and we just want them to be done already.

All this, and we have our own hidden beach as well (recently made a no-smoking beach by the way).