Despite the very true rumors that navigating the roads of Southern California can be time-consuming and difficult, the majority of visitors traveling to the Long Beach area do drive either their own car or a rental car during their stay.   A driving map which is useful for tourists who are just interested in getting a basic idea of where each of the major tourist attractions is located in relation to one another is available online at .

The best option for visitors who do not want to drive in Long Beach is to try to stay in the downtown area.   From downtown Long Beach, it is easy to access the public transportation options.   These options include the Red Passport Shuttle, which takes visitors to the major tourist attractions, the Purple Pink Avenue Link which accesses a limited number of tourist hotspots and the Passport Tour D’Art which takes visitors to all of the best cultural highlights of Long Beach.   More information about public transportation is online at .

If you don't wish to stay in the downtown area you can always take taxis to your destinations though the prices will add up, try using an online fare calculator  for Long Beach to see how much money you would be spending in fares.

As far as fun types of getting around Long Beach, the best bet is to take the Aquabus.  The Aquabus is a water taxi which visitors can use to get to the most famous of Long Beach attractions, the Queen Mary, as well as to a few of the other favorite visitor sights.