For many travel destinations, the major mode of transportation for arriving in the area is by plane.  This is not true of Lenox.  Lenox is a summer vacation spot frequently enjoyed by travelers who live in a relatively close by area, such as Boston (which is approximately two and one half hours driving time away from Lenox) or New York (which is approximately three hours driving time away from Lenox).  This means that a majority of the travelers reaching the area actually get there by car.   Lenox is located off of highway 20.  Travelers can obtain detailed driving maps from Google Maps ( or Mapquest (  

For travelers who are not reaching the area with their own cars, the bus, train and plane are all options which will leave visitors within a relatively close distance of Lenox.  Travelers generally rent a car upon arrival via one of those methods.  The two major airports reaching the area are located in Albany and Hartford.  The Albany International Airport ( is located approximately one hour driving time from Lenox.  A detailed map is online at .  The Bradley International Airport in Hartford ( is located just slightly further away than the Albany airport.  Detailed map is at .