Travelers generally find that the only way to get around Lenox is to drive.  This works out fine for most people because they are often people who live in neighboring cities during a majority of the year and who drive their own cars to reach the area each summer.  (More information about these summer people is available online at ; more information about arriving in the area via car is available online at .)  Travelers will find that there are not readily available options for public transportation or taxi service so it is somewhat necessary to have a car in the area.  Lenox is relatively small, however, so visitors who wish to actively walk and/or bicycle the area should not have any difficulty doing so.  Springtime and autumn are both excellent times for bicycling in the area.  (More information about the weather in the area is available online at .)

Drivers will find that Highway 7 and Highway 20 are the two main roads to know for navigating through Lenox.  An area map showing some of the major highlights and the roads to reach them is on the Lenox Chamber of Commerce Website at  Travelers can also use Google Maps ( and Mapquest ( to help them navigate the area.