At the "head" of Fourth Lake, the small hamlet of Inlet, just 10 miles north of Old Forge, has a cool mid 20th century mountain town feel.

There are a few motels, cabins, condos, and the last of the old Fulton Chain Hotels, Holl's Inn (still only open July and August). The recent renovation of the Woods Inn, and new businesses in town have made this area more desireable for the traveler seeking a quiet Adirondack vacation.

The town beach (Arrowhead Park) features tennis, lots of boat docking, and a great sand beach. Lots of hiking, and climbing options here. There is even a seasonal movie theatre. In the winter, snowmobiling rules!

The big attraction here though, is beautiful Fourth Lake. The sunsets from Inlet are beautiful.

Great spot for accessing a variety of Adirondack destinations..smaller than Old Forge, the hamlet has al the basic services for a more laid back vacation...a great family spot with reasonable prices, and far less commercial than Old Forge.

Friendly folks, beautiful views, and clean air and water...who could ask for more!