The Moses H. Cone Memorial Park is recognized as an excellent outdoors spot and horseback riding, hiking, and skiing are all big activities in Blowing Rock, but the city’s culture does not begin and end in athletics and leisure.

The Blowing Rock Art and History Museum, for example, though located in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, is acclaimed for what’s indoors—a collection of arts and heritage hard to find elsewhere in the region.

The Tweetsie Railroad makes for an excellent family excursion into the town’s past, offering visitors three-mile rides on any one of its obsolete steam-powered trains, the form of transport that used to lord over America’s tracks.  Tweetsie also hosts a wide variety of events, including fall railroad days as well as a Ghost Train Halloween Festival.

Other sights worth seeing include nearby Appalachian Ski Mountain and Resort , the Blowing Rock itself, and Benson Hollow .