Blowing Rock is a resort town that has been aged to perfection.  

Prior to white invasion and exploitation, the region was an intersection of warfare between the Cherokee and Catawba tribes.  By the late 1700’s, Scotch and Irish settlers had begun farming, hunting, and colonizing the mountains of North Carolina, though the first inhabitants recorded on paper in modern-day Blowing Rock were the Greenes.  In the middle of the nineteenth century they founded the Green Park Hotel , and soon many more families would follow them to the region with resort vacation ideas in mind.

Incorporated in 1889, natural scenery soon attracted more visitors than the city could accommodate, and homes began transforming into hotels come the turn of the century, a trend which culminated in the construction of the Mayview Manor in 1922.

The town has possessed a primarily tourist economy ever since; residency has rarely exceeded eight thousand, even in the summer, while natural and town beauty have drawn an ever-increasing number of visitors to Blowing Rock each year.