Though Boone is fairly small and the town center can be traversed on foot, most of the attractions lie outside the heart of Boone and therefore require a car. If you arrive by air, chances are you will be flying into the Charlotte-Douglas or Hartsfield-Jackson airport. Both of these have numerous rental car agencies. The Greensboro Amtrak station and the Winston-Salem Greyhound station should also have agency offices nearby. Get a car from here, if possible, as there will be more selection and variety in larger cities.

If you come to Boone via some other method (for example, the AppalCART or a taxi) and want to rent a car after arrival, there is an Enterprise Rent-A-Car on 240 Shadowline Dr #Aa6.

For occasional trips, especially those within city limits, AppalCART can be a good alternative to walking or driving. This service is the public transportation program for Watauga County and shuttles passengers along fixed city routes. There is a fee for rural routes or trips between cities, but for trips within the city, the ride is free. There are 11 routes within Boone that run anywhere from once every hour to once every 15 minutes. Most run daily, excepting major holidays (which includes, among other days, Easter, Labor Day, day after Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve). Rural routes, which must be reserved in advance, run only a few times a day and come with a fee of $.50 to $2.