Milk and Honey is now located at 420 North Coit Rd, Suite 2023, Richardson, TX  75080

phone:  972-404-0704      fax:  972-404-0551 

It is owned and operated by Gadi Cohen and his wife, Amy.

The real name of the store is Milk & Honey, Jerusalem Market and Grill.

They make fresh pita, from scratch, daily and serve a variety of dishes

in pita including:  falafel, shwarma, kabob, tuna salad, grilled chicken breast

shnitzel and more.  There is limited seating, and everything can be purchased

to go.  The full and complete grocery store includes products from Israel that

include: dairy and milk products, juices and drinks, canned goods with a large variety of pickles and olives,

chocolates and meat as well as frozen borekas, pastries, jachnun, malawa and more. 

Rotisserie chickens and chalah are made fresh every Friday.