Travel Tips for Playa de las Americas

For travelling around the Island then Las Americas car hire starts from about €69  for 3 days. To keep up to date with world news and  to listen to the latest music then bring a small battery transistor radio as "Oasis FM" is an English speaking Music channel that has great music and on the hour news. For self catering appartment users travelling on a tight budget, bring; tea, coffee, dried milk, sugar and bread for toast/sandwiches. Boil water and cool in fridge to top up your bottle of water (tap water is safe/pleasant to drink after boiling) Use the main Supermercado Transito on Avda de Quinto Centenario (200 metres from playa de troya beach).Prices are €1.08 for a bottle of red/white or rose wine and €0.55 for an ice cold coke. This is one of cheapest and best supermarkets.


Prices have dropped and expect to pay as low as €1 for a pint of beer (shop around as prices vary) and 200 cigarettes cost from €9. A full English breakfast can be bought for €3 and McDonalds adult meal costs about €6. Be prepared for the African street sellers offering you sunglasses and watches. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM! as there is no guarantee of the UV resistance in the sunglasses and the rolex watches are fake. Tell them politely; No! and they will leave you in peace. Bring a good pair of sunglasses with you as the UV rays are strong on Tenerife . Shops, bars, restaurants are all open till late each night. For a free street map of Tenerife/Playa de las Americas  and Los Cristianos just call into any Tourist office of which there are many.


Best Walk/Nicest Beach – The nicest walk in Playa de las Americas is the Avenida De Francisco Andrade Fumero. This is the foot-path that runs along the sea from Playa Honda (start at the Sol Tenerife Hotel) to Los Cristianos It is a beautiful scenic walk with nice shops and restaurants and magnificent free white sand beaches that anyone is welcome to use! They all have free toilets on each beach (look for white huts with (WC) on them). So enjoy your holiday in Playa de las Americas . It will take your breath away and deserves its rating as a 5 star destination!