Vermont Afternoons with Robert Frost, by Vrest Orton

    In this testament to their extensive friendship that was developed and lived out primarily in the peaceful Vermont setting, Vrest Orton, a Vermont native, recounts his relationship with fellow Vermont-adorer, Robert Frost. The book includes letters from Frost to Orton, one of which starts with the line: "Sometime in the fall when the flood of summer people has subsided, you and I will be left still clinging to the rocks of Vermont." 
    A book that reads almost as smoothly and evocatively as a Frost poem, it is a beautiful way to get to know the true feel of Vermont, as well as to get a glimpse into the lives and shared times of two extraordinary men.

    If you are interested in the natural and evolutionary aspects of Vermont and her history, then the following would make a good read:
The Story of Vermont: A Natural and Cultural History (Middlebury Bicentennial Series in Environmental Studies)
by Christopher McGrory Klyza, Stephen C. Trombulak
    This book traces history to take a look at the way man and nature have interacted to form the Vermont of today.