Although the modern history of Newport News , Virginia does not begin until the 17th century, the area where the city lies has been inhabited by native Indians for thousands of years. 

            The area where Newport News is found today was first settled by Europeans at the beginning of the 1600’s. A few decades later, the town officially became unincorporated and existed in an area known as Warwick county, as an independent entity.  It remained as such for the following 250 years, and by the turn of the century had grown to a sizable population of nearly 20,000 people.  

            During the American Civil War of the 1860’s, a number of key events occurred in the city of Newport News , and evidence is still found around the historical societies in the city today.  

            For the following half century, Newport News continued to remain an independent town in the county of Warwick .  Then, in 1958 both parties agreed to join as one, and became the third largest city in the State of Virginia . 

             A major industry in the city is shipbuilding, which was brought to prominence in the area by the Northrop Grumman Company.  This has continually added jobs and revenue to the local economy.