If you are headed to Port Townsend and are seeking information from a tourism board or agency, there are two primary sources for you – the Port Townsend Chamber of Commerce and the PTGuide, which is dedicated to helping you find activities, accommodations and the like.

At the Port Townsend Chamber website, you can get a lot of useful information about the town of Port Townsend and you can email them for travel and tourism information. If you decide to visit them in person while in town, they are located at 2437 East Sims Way in Port Townsend.

Most links from the chamber website to travel information will lead you to the PTGuide website, where there’s a virtual treasure trove of information about traveling to Port Townsend.

This useful website can provide you with information on how to get to Port Townsend as well as what to do once you get there. You can view a web cam or visit the forum and perhaps have some essential question answered by locals you can’t get answered elsewhere.