There are several excellent ways to get around Port Townsend. Which method you choose depends on how much time you have and how you want to spend it.

If you’re interested in checking out the architecture of the area and really soaking in the atmosphere of the downtown and uptown areas, walk. If you walk, you have more flexibility to duck into an interesting shop or take in a street performance, and this is the best way to do it.

You can also either bring a bike to Port Townsend or rent one while you’re there. The town is surprisingly bike friendly and a variety of bike-related events are held each year. There are several trails to choose from and a number of bike shops that offer rentals, maps, information and repairs.

Since Port Townsend is all about Victorian style, consider getting around town in a horse-drawn carriage, as old locals might have done. This interesting option is only available on weekends, so plan accordingly.

If you do choose to drive around Port Townsend, be careful of a few things. First, some streets are confusing, so be sure to bring a map with you, or pick up one at the visitor’s center (2437 East Sims Way). Second, parking is scarce in the tourist-heavy downtown area, so it’s a good idea to either arrive early to you are sure to get a spot, or park several blocks outside of the downtown and walk into the downtown.