For all visitors traveling to Volcano, the journey will begin with a flight that lands in either the city of Hilo, or along the Kona coast.

            Hilo is the largest city on the island of Hawaii,  and is home to the second largest airport on the island.  The majority of air traffic flying into the Hilo International Airport is from Honolulu (The Hawaiian Islands’ main airport, located on Oahu).  The four major airlines flying into Hilo are:

             Volcano is approximately a 40 minute drive away from Hilo.   Visit this Hilo to Volcano Driving Directions link for information on how to get there.  Renting a car is the best way to get around the island (see the Trip Advisor Taxi and Rental Car page).            

             The district of Kona, together with Kohala claims the lion's share of visitors to the island.   The Kona International Airport is located on the island’s west side, and is about a two and a half hour drive to Volcano.   Kona receives flights from a larger range of areas than Hilo.   Visit this Kona Airline List for information about this topic.   Renting a car and driving is again the best option for getting around.