Taxis and rental cars are both options for getting around while visiting Volcano, but it is not recommended to rely heavily on taxis for transportation. 

            Most visitors to the big island of Hawaii choose to rent a car upon arrival to the airport.  This is not only because cars are convenient, but also because they are to only way to get around most parts of the island. 

            There are numerous Taxi Companies on the Big Island of Hawaii.  They are available only in the major cities and towns, and for the purpose of getting around these areas, taxis are a good option.  However, if planning on exploring areas outside of cities and towns, consider another option such as a rental car.  The best way to get a taxi is to call one of the companies ahead of time to arrange for a pickup.  Be prepared to wait; so make sure to call well in advance.  Fares are based on meters, which are set by the government and are standard for all companies.

            Cars are the recommended form of transportation on the island, as they allow for the most freedom and flexibility in exploration.   In fact, many “must see” areas can only be explored by car.   Check out this Kona Airport Rental Cars link, and this Hilo Airport Rental Cars link for more information about these topic.