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  • Best Hospitality
  • Yes! Best hotel!
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  • More than great
  • Clean, Cozy, and Comfortable
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  • Retreat in a home away from home
  • Good food & good service
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  • Great view on an amazing Island
  • Wonderful place. Great Host!
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  • Customer friendly Comfortable & Calm
  • Great stay. Fantastic value and charming staff.
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  • good value and well located
  • Big clean family room
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  • Applause!
  • Excellent modern hotel
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  • Excellent Budget hotel with a good location
  • Compact n clean
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  • Amazing resort, wonderful experience
  • What a pleasant surprise! A real sense of tight-knit community, especially at the dive centre!
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  • Cheap, friendly with an ancient flavour!
  • Clean, comfortable, great location
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