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  • Excellent Family Atmosphere! Great Food, Clean facility, well maintained!
  • Super fun
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  • Intimate small bungalow hotel with staff that goes the extra mile
  • Great Experience. Recommended.
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  • Wonderful place to just chill and relax
  • Superb
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  • Our home away from home...
  • Cozy but very cheap!
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  • Helpful friendly staffs and quite cheap
  • Wonderful Experience
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  • Simply Amazing, Affordable and Delicious! As Good as it Gets!!
  • The Real Deal
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  • Victory beach resort paradise on earth
  • Great Experience
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  • Very friendly staff, very clean rooms.
  • Great
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  • Great prices, service, friendly, nice size rooms
  • Holiday Park Hotel
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  • Wicked place
  • Amazing place
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  • Clean and Cozy
  • Superb Accommodation
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  • So so friendly and reasonably priced
  • in-laws were happy: plus 5 points
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  • A great stay for foreigners
  • Awesome value
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  • Comfortable, clean and accommodating
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  • Service far outstrips the cheap price tag
  • The best reasonable boutique hotel in Makati
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  • 60th bday
  • Loved our stay
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  • Quiet place to stay in cebu city
  • Great Value and perfect for family
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  • Had an excellent time in Bora thanks to this inn
  • "It’s not merely the place that caught my heart but the people most especially."
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  • Pleasant First Stay
  • My Go-To Hotel in Subic
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  • Choose the ten floor it's quiet with awesome room service
  • Ordinary Trip to Relax
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  • Great Value in Prime Area
  • Holiday
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  • Serene, relaxing, and very affordable
  • Great hotel away from noisy center
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  • Always at home and relaxing atmosphere
  • nice place
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  • Hidden garden with warm inviting staff
  • Heaven in hell
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  • Perfect choice to stay in Puerto Princesa, Palawan
  • Good rooms. Great location. Great customer service.
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