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  • Service and hospitality second to none
  • Beautiful Stay!
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  • Charming heritage accomodation in the centre of things
  • 4 night stay
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  • Great place to stay with great location
  • Wonderful friendly stay
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  • Beautiful small hotel: recommended
  • Great Long Term Stay in the Heart of Georgetown
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  • Very nice clean place with a super host.
  • Highly recommend for your great experience in CHs.
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  • very good service, nice staff here, very good location
  • Excellent hospitality
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  • Great place to stay inside unesco zone
  • Beautiful heritage inn
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  • Enchanting stay in Malacca - highly recommended
  • Amazing host!
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  • Charming old mansion, missing macaroni
  • What a gorgeous guesthouse!
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  • A great place to stay away from home!
  • Nice quite place in the center of the Camerons
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  • Gorgeous home stay in wonderful jungle location
  • Beautiful quiet property and close to the forest
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  • Amazing Hidden Place for Relaxing!
  • Boutique hotel with a private beach
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  • Friendly staff - excellent location
  • Perfect Place for budget stay
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  • Cozy and friendly
  • Be their guest!
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  • Perfect place to stay for a mini-get away to KL
  • Excellent
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  • Lovely hotel with amazing staff
  • Comfortable and Charming
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  • Lovely Guest House for a Miri Stop Over
  • Mrs Lee-ding the way
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  • Top reason I enjoyed my stay at Pangkor
  • I lost count of how many time I came back!
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  • Outstanding beach hotel to relax for a vacation!
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  • Decoration 9.0, Location 9.5, Service 11.0 (out of 10.0)
  • Unique atmosphere!
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  • Great place for a night near KLIA
  • A great place to unwind after flying
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  • Truly Island Vacation in Telaga Terrace Resort Cenang Beach
  • Nice hotel with very friendly staff, bring earplugs!
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  • Really comfortable bed! A good stay.
  • Excellent location and hospitality
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