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  • Ponderosa Pines in a corner of the heart
  • A romantic, unique , prestige zimmer!
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  • Weekend stay Shulamit Yard, Rosh Pina
  • A heart in Rosh Pina, Israel
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  • Warm, wonderful hosts -highly recommended
  • Amazing, beautiful, wonderful people and place
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  • The only place to stay in Arad
  • Coming home.
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  • Amazing. Everything is perfect
  • We stayed one night
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  • Perfect place to stay with a family!
  • Enchanting Hideaway with Engaging Hosts
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  • Vacation in Israel with a stay in Sefad
  • Great time at the Artist Quarter Guesthouse
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  • Returning to Fauzi Azar Inn again
  • Unique, Historic Inn with Excellent Staff and Programs
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  • A Tranquil Respite Away From the City
  • great night
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  • The perfect place for family holliday
  • A great B&B
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