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  • Amazing!
  • A real home away from home!
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  • 10/10 would go back!
  • Lovely Spot!
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  • Colorful Outside, Gorgeous Inside!
  • Very nice B&B, located the perfect distance from the center of town.
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  • Great hotel, excellent customer service!
  • Nice boutique hotel near Central Square
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  • Wow! This location.
  • 100% relaxation guaranteed.
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  • Great place, we booked 2 extra nights
  • Hospitality on a hill
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  • Perfect stay in Superb Ometepe Island!
  • Awesome location and attentive staff
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  • You will not regret choosing La Omaja!
  • 4th Trip to La Omaja!
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  • Gorgeous getaway - best swimming in Nicaragua!
  • Pina Cabin stay
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  • Volcano hike
  • Fantastic stay
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