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  • Great location!
  • Great Hotel Stay in Oslo!
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  • What a chef! (and rest of the crew)
  • Walaker Hotell - It was the most enchanting place we ever stayed in our life.
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  • Best ever
  • Paradise on earth!
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  • Amazing hidden gem in the mountains
  • Superb restaurant and lodge
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  • Above expectations
  • Top class hotel
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  • Beauty of the village life in Utne
  • View from the Outside
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  • A+ hotel, just amazing experience
  • Amazing hotel and great buffet
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  • Perfect location to unwind and reconnect
  • trip with my daughter
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  • Breathtaking and relaxing
  • Spectacular!
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  • Historic gem. Pricy but unforgettable.
  • Historic Hotel and wonderful food!!
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