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  • 10th wedding anniversary, 7 nights
  • Wonderful
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  • Fantastic resort by Indian Ocean
  • A week in paradise treated like a princess and spoilt like a goddess
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  • Beautiful luxury lodge in its own attractive reserve
  • An amazing family experience
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  • Most dramatic location for a lodge
  • Best hotel of our Madagascar trip!
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  • 10th wedding anniversary, 3 nights
  • Comfortable, Quiet, Charming Open Air Lodge
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  • Great days in bungalow with beach view & amazing swimming pool
  • Le Grand Bleu - Its a Big Welcome with Love
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  • Beautiful and quiet place in the Isalo National Park
  • Luxory, spacious, quiet, pool, horses, sunset rock.
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  • The best place in all the Sainte Marie island !!
  • Amazing value, beautiful location and friendly staff.
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  • Beautiful, picturesque location
  • Peaceful + everything (location, accommodation, restaurant, excursions) with lots of care and love.
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  • Beautifully landscaped hotel with great charm
  • Can’t be better, all is perfect!
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