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  • Perfect Place
  • Paradise in Roatan
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  • Like Home Away From Home.
  • Great Suites and Nicer Beach!
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  • Wonderful service
  • Great Hotel
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  • Wonderful hotel with a Honduran soul
  • Best hotel in town
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  • As close to "Home-away-from-home" as it gets
  • Best Hotel in Tegucigalpa!
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  • Beautiful day at the beach, snorkeling and great food!
  • Great hotel, great stay, great employees, great hospitality! What else can you ask for?
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  • Wonderful stop for a day in roatan
  • Great, Top Notch Hotel...
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  • Amazing service, comfy beds and delicious food
  • Great experience starts at just one step to make it magical!
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  • We LOVED Las Sirenas!
  • Peaceful, Luxury Resort
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