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Since Jan 2006

50-64 year old male

Portland, Oregon USA

I work for a beverage distributor and it is tough work. I like to have a get-away vacation to someplace where I need to do a bit of research and planning. This takes my mind off work and gives me something to look forward to. I majored in History in college and have enjoyed reading History since I could reach the shelves at the local library. Going to the places mentioned in the texts helps bring them alive. Also, I like to see how the people of other countries are the same as us (the US) and where they are different. In my trips, I've discovered more similarities than differences. I've been everywhere from Britain to Budapest and Sweden to Switzerland. Also a few times to Mexico, although "Sun and Surf" has less of an allure than "History, Art and Museums". But the most memorable times have been when I get to speak to another, be it a local or another tourist. Some of those conversations, I'll never forget. The real answer to "I travel with" is: My Swiss Army Knife.
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